Stair Brackets & Scrolls

Stair Brackets & Scrolls

  • PU Pilasters are made to installed 'flat-to-the-wall'. PU Pilasters can be used to further decorate bare columns or can be used in pairs to margin doors or divide a desired portion of the wall area to break up the monotony of a long and broad empty dull wall look.
    You can transform a new door with DSM decor Door And Window Surround. The architrave gives the door a stately look.
    Door And Window Surround are usually discrete ornaments but Door And Window Surround act much like picture frames to surround a view. various design and size are available.
    Light weight and easy to install
    Easy maintenance
    Cuts and installs like wood
    Energy efficient 
    Various of patterns are available 
    Insect resistance 



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