Elevating The Standard

NICE is the recognized leader in polyurethane product design, innovation and molding technology. From old world style to classic modern design, NICE offers the largest and most architecturally correct styles and designs of molding .
Architecturally correct and historically accurate product styles and designs
Molded from actual stone and timber products to capture the texture, patterns and deep shadow lines of classic building materials
A distinctive look and personality that complements any home design for maximum appeal
Only NICE engineers consistent quality and long lasting performance into every product we make, today and tomorrow. From our popular trim and moldings to our growing shutter and beam offerings, each product is manufactured by experts in polyurethane molding technology. All NICE building products:
Are easy to install with no special tools or extra labor necessary
Deliver consistent workmanship and product quality
Feature low maintenance
Provide weather and moisture resistance
Come stain or paint ready
Resists insects and won’t warp, crack or split
Our highly trained sales staff is able to analyze your job down to the smallest detail and we offer clear and readable quotes.It has always been our goal to supply you the customer with the most comprehensive finish package at a competitive price with the best service possible.
NICE provides architects and builders with renderings and marketing support for blue prints and model homes.
Receive extensive builder support including an industry first quote package program with quantity pricing tools.
Plus custom design services for historical restorations, replicas or any unique profile that fits your home or commercial application 



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